Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Vesak Day Weekend

Woke up on Sunday to find that Cody had messed up his cage in the night, but was otherwise alright and did not whimper the night away. Gave Amber a bath. Cleaned the parental home and polished the furniture. Went to the Buddhist Maha Vihara with the parents in the afternoon for Vesak Day Eve prayers. Took Amber out on a car drive in the evening. Had dinner with the parents, cleaned the kitchen and spent the rest of the night reading.

Monday was a public holiday on account of Vesak Day. The parents had a friend’s 60th birthday party to attend, so I had the house to myself for a few hours. Washed the rugs, cleaned the blinds, mopped the floor, tidied the house and played with the dogs. Took Amber on a car ride and a walk again. Went back to the ‘Quarters after dinner and spent Monday night cleaning the ‘Quarters, doing the laundry and cleaning the cats’ cages.

Felicity would have been spayed earlier today (Monday). I hope she is recovering well and not in any great pain or discomfort. I’ll probably send my housemate over to the SPCA on Thursday to look in on Felicity, as he will be helping me bring Halle & Co. in for neutering. I’m not usually emotional but I feel as though Biggles is flying loops in his confounded Sopwith Camel in my heart right now.

Project Second Chance would like to thank all its donors, sponsors and volunteers for their contributions, assistance and kind support:
1. Bernadette Chin
2. Lillian Danielle Khoo
3. Serina Rahman
4. Zawalan Razak
5. Jacobus Raj
6. Jessica Ng
7. Susan Thomas
8. Hazel McClure
9. Lee Mun Yee

Whiskey-Echo-Lima, Out.

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