Tuesday, 3 June 2008

31st May -2nd June 2008: Cosmic Blues

There doesn't seem to be very much I want to say these days, except that my career these days seems to be much like the climate change conferences -- full of good intentions and motivation, but stymied by many factors and not really going anywhere.

It's been another busy weekend at the SPCA. I finally got Halle's kittens vaccinated. I've renamed them Chip, Tigger, Java, Jewel, Jet and Gypsy. It's easier to identify them now compared to when they were named Heidi, Hayden, Heath, Henry, Harriet and Heather. The babies should be ready for adoption in 2 weeks.

Rose and I have been washing, grooming and tick-washing the kennel dogs each week, so we have fewer cases of parasitic infection at the shelter now. I'm sure the garlic works too. This week, we bathed the bow-wows from Maternity and Kennel E.

Spent the later 3 hours scrubbing and disinfecting the Cattery, Kennels, Maternity Kennels, Reception/Admin area and central area, after the gates had been locked and the dogs let out to play in the compound and playground.

Went back to the Bachelor Officers' Quarters at night and cleaned myself and the kitties up. Went back to the parental home to spend the rest of the weekend with the parents and Amber.

The parents were to go to Singapore for a few days to help Big Bro and Sis-in-law get their new home cleaned up and their things unpacked, and I was to bring Amber back to live with me in the 'Quarters for a week.

Spent Sunday cleaning the parental home, cleaning the venetian blinds and bathing Amber. Amber and I arrived at the 'Quarters at 2230h on Sunday and I proceeded to get her settled down.

Unfortunately, Halle was utterly hostile to Amber, and provoked my poor sweet doggie, which caused her to erupt in a frenzy of confused and frustrated barking. We had no respite from the barking that night, and so I arranged to have Halle, Keisha and Co. farmed out to a fosterer's house for a week to ease the tension. Amber was happy with the arrangement, as she gets along well with the indoor cats, Chloe, Pixie and Daisy.

Thankfully, my friend was happy to board the cats and had his spare room all cleaned out for them. The initial arrangement was for me to come over after work each day to clean up after the cats, but the foster family had gamely taken on that responsibility too, for which I am touched and grateful.

Here’s to another challenging week ahead.

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