Sunday, 6 July 2008

Little Big Dog Undergoes Surgery

Little Big Dog

Went back to the parental home on Friday night so we could get Little Big Dog ready for his neutering appointment the following morning. The Twin and his Girl were understandably tense and worried about the surgery despite my assurances that it’s only a superficial cut for boy dogs, and that it would heal quickly, especially since we had opted to get it done early.

Initially it was agreed that it would just be the 3 of us accompanying Little Big Dog to the SPCA for the surgery, but when Dad wanted to come along “to offer moral support”, I had to put my foot down. It was going to be a surgical procedure, not a rock concert, and it would do Little Big Dog more good to have The Parents waiting for him at home to get his bed all nice and ready for him, than have the whole family crowding poor Dr. Pushpa’s surgery and wringing their hands in agony.

The deed was done in half an hour. I didn’t even have time to help out much in the shelter, except to help Wolfhound transfer a balefully growling cat into his new cage. The Twin carried Little Big Dog to my car and his Girl held LBD in the backseat while I drove us all home.

Little Big Dog recovered from the effect of the anaesthetics by afternoon, and Mom and I gave him lunch to make up for his having to fast the night before. He was groggy but otherwise in good spirits and could play with Amber without stumbling and bumping into things.

I spent Saturday and Sunday at the parental home watching over Little Big Dog and cleaning up the parental home. Washed the rugs and doormats, cleaned out the living and dining room cabinets, wiped down and polished everything, spring cleaned my bedroom, spruced up the yard, bathed Amber, prepared dog meals 3 times a day and finally completed my 20-page report on the Climate Change seminar in the afternoon when everyone was napping.

It was an uneventful weekend otherwise, which judging by the circumstances, was highly welcome because it meant that Little Big Dog could have time to recover from the surgery without much incident.

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