Tuesday, 25 September 2012

World Animal Day Celebrations at Desa Parkcity

SPCA Selangor decided to conduct its annual World Animal Day celebrations a week early this year to avoid the unpredictable monsoon weather commonly associated with the final three months of the year. Since 2011, we have been offered the use of the pet-friendly Central Park at Desa ParkCity for our event, thanks to the goodwill and generosity of the management of the said township. As my services are usually needed more frequently in the animal shelter or in advocacy and policy work, I rendered only minimal assistance for this event, since the Inspectorate and Marketing/Communications Team informed me that we have sufficient volunteers from the boy scouts and various schools and colleges helping out. I did, however, plan and prepare materials for an Animal Welfare Spot Quiz and a Photo Puzzle for the event as part of SPCA's education and awareness efforts.

This delightful little poster was created by Pyo to raise awareness about the event.

Good canine citizens taking their humans for a walk along the jogging track in the beautifully-landscaped park.

Being afforded the use of a park is a privilege. Let us not abuse this privilege. Remember to clean up after your companion animals, and leave each site better than when you found it.

Hero Dog Attila was given an award for her bravery in protecting her family members during a robbery. Hill's Science Plan supplied her with 3 months' worth of dog food as part of her award. Well done, Attila!

Folksy-looking handpainted bookmarks, produced by volunteer artist Felicia, on sale at the SPCA booth.

Visitors and volunteers gather around a playpen of puppies at the SPCA's Rent-A-Dog booth, to raise funds for the SPCA and for an introduction to hands-on responsible pet parenting. 

The Rent-A-Dog initiative was the brainchild of an advertising agency which had provided its services to the SPCA free of charge. I would say it is an effective idea, because one of our Rent-A-Dog shelter puppies was adopted at the end of 30 minutes. 

Tête-à-tête with puppies at the Rent-A-Dog tent. 

Aravind and I babysitting one of the shelter puppies who was brought here for the Rent-A-Dog initiative. 

My friends VJ and Sara, with my godson Aadhavan, turned up with their canine children, Aristocles (schnauzer) and Thangam (poodle) to demonstrate their support for our little event. 

Humans and dogs alike find the appeal of the clean little stream that runs through the park too much to resist. 

Escaped balloons (From the Waterfront Mall, not from our event site). I hope they won't end up in the sea or rainforest. Let's hope they land in an urban area and get swept up and disposed of properly.


We also met this lovely and brave kitty cat, who came here with her human. The kitty's name is Mimi and she is seen here reading our 2011 Annual Review. I didn't ask what happened to poor Mimi's other eye, but I can tell Mimi is very well cared for.

The Waterfront Mall, all decorated for the Mid-Autumn Festival. 


 Here are some basic rules to be considered when taking your dog out in public or to a pet-friendly park:

 1. ALWAYS clean up after your dog. Bring your own newspaper, waste bags, scooper, and hand sanitiser (optional). Desa ParkCity Central Park provides patrons with pet waste bags, but this is not an excuse not to come prepared with your own.

 2. Don't ever let your dog off-leash in an unfenced dog park if he/she is not responsive to your verbal commands.

3. Do not let your dog bully or harass other dogs or humans.

4. Do not allow dogs to form packs.

5. Do not bring unvaccinated or unneutered dogs to a park or to socialise with other dogs in public places.

6. Do not let your dog roam unsupervised while you talk on your phone. Do give your dog your full attention and be on the alert for potential trouble (e.g. unneutered male dogs, aggressive dogs, squirrels, cats, another human holding pet treats etc).

As with the previous years, even if you haven't made any plans for World Animal Day or do not have any companion animals, please consider taking the following pledge to improve the lives of animals:

1. I pledge to look after, protect and provide for all animals under my care; to arrange for alternative caregivers whenever I am away and to find solutions for boarding and rehoming should I find myself unable to care for my companion animals any longer. 

 2. I pledge to vaccinate and neuter my companion cats, dogs and and small animals (e.g. rabbits and hamsters) and to educate my family, friends and co-workers on the importance of vaccination, neutering and obtaining necessary licenses for one's companion animals. 

3. I pledge to gently advise neighbours who fail to provide proper care for their companion animals, and write to zoos, circuses, theme parks and other facilities that keep animals, in the event I witness any acts of neglect, ill-treatment or cruelty. If my advice should fail to bring about positive change in the treatment of the animals, I pledge to report the matter to the SPCA or relevant authorities such as the Wildlife and National Parks Department. 

 4. I pledge to assist the SPCA and animal welfare groups in finding homes for the animals under their care and advise my family and friends to spay/neuter their existing pets and adopt from shelters and pounds, rather than purchase from pet stores.

5. I pledge to live simply that animals may simply live. I will reduce, reuse and recycle more and use less fossil fuels and chemicals. I will dispose of hazardous materials such as paint, needles and cans with sharp edges carefully. I will use fewer plastics bags, polystyrene products and other materials that may pose a danger to stray animals and wildlife. 

6. I pledge to be a more careful driver that I may avoid harm to animals that share our roads and neighbourhoods. I will provide all the assistance I can to animals harmed by traffic and people. 

7. I pledge to vote against animal cruelty with my money. I will purchase and use only products that are cruelty-free and which do not cause animal suffering. I will avoid products that are known to have been tested on animals. 

8. I pledge not to give animals as gifts unless specifically requested and chosen by the recipient. If I do get an animal as a gift, I will ensure that it will be vaccinated, neutered and given proper care. I will adopt from shelters, pounds and animal rehomers rather than purchase from pet stores and breeders. 

9. I pledge to join or support wildlife protection programmes, animal welfare organisations and environmental organisations to educate myself on ways to reduce harm to animals and protect wildlife that are vulnerable to exploitation. Our collective voice and votes can help to change harmful governmental and corporate policies.  

10. I pledge to opt for vegetarian food whenever I can. I will go vegetarian at least once a week. I will also actively look for alternatives to leather, suede, fur, honey, silk and ivory.

 Happy World Animal Day, to all creatures great and small!




Welcome back ....I really admire your dedications and hoping that you'll continue for the benifits of the animals.

Abg Rizal



As usual a very good effort. If I'm a cat, I would really like to have a saviour like you :)

And welcome back adik :) ( I thought you given up blogging)

Abg Rizal

~CovertOperations78~ said...

Thank you for your support, Abang Rizal. Many people worked together to make the World Animal Day event a success.

Cat-from-Sydney said...

Auwww...we missed this! We had to attend another event in Cyberjaya that didn't end till late. Or else I'd be able to give Mimi a kiss....or hug Uncle Aravind.... har har har *evil laughs*

Brad the most handsome

~CovertOperations78~ said...

So nice of you to drop by, Brad & Co! Yes, it would have been nice if you could have dropped by. I had hoped to see your Mama there, since she missed last weekend's Malaysia Day dinner party.

Pat said...

It was so nice to see so many animal lovers out there with their pets. And that Atilla - isn't he gorgeous?!

You do work tirelessly, E. I often wonder where you get your energy from!! I'm thinking that maybe it comes from the animals themselves - they send you good karma, with a dash of boundless energy!

I need to ask: How does Rent-a-Dog work? I remember reading about something like that in Japan - and didn't know we had it here, too! Wow.

~CovertOperations78~ said...

Thanks for coming over, Pat! Atilla is female -- says a lot about girls now, doesn't it?
Rent-A-Dog is perfect for people (esp families with young children) who don't know if they are ready to commit to having a pet for life yet. They can make a small donation to the shelter and borrow a puppy or little doggie to play with, care for and take out for walks. Very popular among parents of young children who can't handle the stress of both kids and pets in the same house.

Pat said...

That's such a sweet idea. I feel for the little pup, though, for when he's returned. But, it is a step in the right direction.

Some people are just not meant to have a pet. This way, they can find out about what it really entails.

Much better than getting a pup, and then abandoning it in a park somewhere - which is just what happened last week. Luckily my sister found the pup, and with some help, found her a forever home.

~CovertOperations78~ said...

It's not so bad, Pat. The puppy is only rented for 30 mins or so, then given a break so he wouldn't be constantly handled, stimulated and stressed out. It's not as though he goes to a home for a few days and then gets returned to the shelter.