Friday, 8 November 2013

My Mighty Life List 2013

(Inspired by blogger Maggie "Mighty Girl" Mason)

(Image courtesy of Cool People Care. Reproduced without permission but in accordance with the principles of fair use.)


1. Anfield and Liverpool pilgrimage.
2. Walk on the Abbey Road pedestrian crossing.
3. Save someone's life.
4. Adopt a child in need.
5. Own my own home (house/apartment/mobile home) and retrofit it into an energy and water efficient facility and grow my own organic/compost-grown fruits and vegetables. (Moved into my own place in June 2015, but keeping it green and making it greener is an ongoing project.)
6. Donate whole blood at least 50 times in my lifetime.
7. Visit and/or volunteer at an animal shelter/nature sanctuary/welfare organisation/community project of every country I visit.
8. New Zealand Kea Camper holiday.
9. Experience a white Christmas.
10. Visit my ancestral village in Toisan.
11. Visit Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary in Australia.
12. Volunteer at the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre.
13. See the Northern Lights.
14. Be an early riser.
15. Earn my diving licence and do a coral reef dive cleanup.
16. Attend Burning Man.
17. Drive a real military tank.
18. Drive a backhoe / excavator.
19. Be punctual, always.
20. Be a better and kinder listener.
21. Take up kickboxing. (Commenced in Dec 2013)
22. Volunteer for the Hornbill Volunteer Programme.
23. Do the Sg. Lembing Rainbow Falls hike.
24. Visit Boon Lott's Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand.
25. Songkran in Bangkok or Chiengmai.
26. Sponsor a child's wish for the Make-A-Wish foundation.
27. Christmas in Provence, because of this book I read in my childhood, The Twelfth Night Santons.
28. Host a couchsurfer in my home.
29. Sample a real truffle.
30. Have a treehouse vacation.
31. Summit Mount Kinabalu.
32. Have a piece of travel writing published.
33. Holi Colour Fight. (Completed in March 2015. Plan to make this an annual affair.)
34. Learn international sign language.
35. Finish reading the Complete Works of Shakespeare. (Completed in Dec 2016)
36. Create a medical trust fund for animal rescue groups in Malaysia that can be sustained even after my death.
37. Be debt-free.
38. Perform RAOKs on my birthday - one act for each year of my life. (Completed in Dec 2013)
39. Surf in open sea (Completed in June 2014).
40. Lead MNS Green Living as Coordinator for 10 years. (Completed in March 2016)
41. Attend Tom Brown Jr's Tracker School in New Jersey.
42. Coordinate/organise 10 annual Turtle Volunteer Programmes. (5th year and counting as at August 2016)
43. Do the Turtle Discovery Trip.
44. Hot air balloon over Cappadocia. (Completed in May 2014)
45. Dig up a real fossil.
46. Dining In The Dark KL. (Completed on 8 Dec 2013)
47. Watch Jersey Boys on stage. (Completed on 18 April 2014)
48. Plant ten indigenous trees in parks and forest reserves (Completed in Jan 2016 and planted far more than 10)
49. Hillslope Zorbing
50. Organise a reverse trick-or-treating session (for the needy / homeless / a non-profit organisation) on Halloween.
51. Drive the SPCA Inspectorate Van and be an SPCA Inspector for a day.
52. Make vegan sushi.
53. Dark Caves adventure tour.
54. Author a book.
55. Stay at BonTon Resort, Langkawi, and volunteer at Langkawi LASSie. (Completed in Feb 2014)
56. Skytrex Extreme.
57. Glock shooting lessons.
58. Volunteer for World Tapir Day and meet the resident tapir in Taman Negara.
59. Witness a lunar eclipse.
60. Meet Dr. Jane Goodall (Completed on 15 June 2014).
 61. Write down the names of 5 people in my life who I hate, and forgive them completely.
62. Solve all 5 of my "kercang" (indigenous IQ puzzles).
63. Volunteer with my friend Abodh's organisation, Welfare of Stray Dogs (WSD), in Mumbai.
 64. Accomplish at least 5 items on my Mighty Life List each year.
65. Volunteer with Epic Army to build a home for the Orang Asal.
66. Perform one RAOK a day for every day of my life.
67. Attend a FIFA World Cup match.
68. Execute a downrock/six-step without stepping on my own fingers.
69. LASIK surgery. (Completed in Feb 2016, only it had to be switched to ICL instead of LASIK)
70. Meet the Indigo Girls.
71. Fast for a cause similar to the 30-Hour Famine but without a religious/racial/political agenda.
72. Read one chapter every night until I finish reading all the books in my collection.
73. Bike to work.
74. Send gratitude postcards to thank at least 10 people each year.
75. Keep my weight under 48 kg.
76. Ride the Eastern and Oriental Express luxury train.
77. Learn to tie a saree.
78. Master firecraft using a bowdrill.
79. Own a pickup truck.
80. Camp out on the truck bed of said pickup truck.
81. Do a manual (i.e. wheelie) on my Ripstik.
82. Do a one-handed push-up.
83. Do a one-handed chin-up.
84. Set foot on 5 continents.
85. Visit Venice before it sinks.
86. Kayak in open sea.
87. Visit one of the various mystery hills/gravity hills around the world and watch objects appear to roll uphill.
88. Mardi Gras in New Orleans.
89. Do the Zombie Run.
90. Build a cajón from reclaimed wood and learn to play the cajón. (Completed in August 2015)
91. Help someone out with a Kiva loan. (Completed in October 2014)
92. Visit a different country every other year.
93. Obtain a motorbike licence. (I can ride. I just don't have a licence)
94. Visit the Galapagos Islands.
95. Blow smoke bubbles. (Completed in June 2014)
96. Give RM100 to a really deserving street artist/musician.
97. Sample 200 vegetables from around the world.
98. Be a speaker at the Asia for Animals Conference.
99. Throw a vegan barbecue party. (Completed in March 2014)
100. Try something new and different every month.

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