Monday, 2 November 2015

A Handmade Halloween at the Wee Green Flat

It's no secret that I love Halloween. It's my favourite holiday because I see it as a celebration of creativity and nonconformity. I get so excited looking at everyone's costumes. I've been waiting for years to move into my own tidy little flat so I could throw my own Halloween party.
I decided to throw a low-waste, low-key indoor party in the Wee Green Flat and invite around 11 of my best friends. It turned out to be a really fun party. Our menu was almost entirely vegetarian, and we generated only a small bag of rubbish, which is pretty good for a party of 12 people! Leftover food was taken home in the containers that food was brought to the party in, juice cartons were rinsed out and flattened for recycling, and that's about it. We made decorations and costumes using what we already have at hand and did not buy any plastic, disposable or Made-In-China tchotchke.

My first batch of jam jar luminaries were stolen when my car was broken into in 2013. This is my way of thumbing my nose at the thief -- by making better ones!
Still living by my Buy Nothing New philosophy -- I used whatever I already have, or made the decorations myself.
I spent hours cutting chains of black cats out of construction paper by hand. This made me a little sad because I miss Shadow so much and I wish he were here with us.

Welcome to my Scary Wee Green Flat!
My lopsided Jack-O-Lantern... I did stick the face on right, but I wasn't tall enough to secure the lantern and align it properly with the existing pendant light. It's the lantern that is lopsided, not the face.
Day of the Dead skulls on my solar jars.

Poisonous booze.

Aravind was the first to arrive and helped me entertain my cats while I cooked the eyeballs.
Cheerful Bat wants to wish you a Happy Veggie Halloween!

Cutest Ladybug Ever! When Lin came out in her ladybug costume, I positively squealed!
Lin is a cute ladybug, and I am an Obnoxious Hipster, complete with a Liberal Arts Degree and a cup of Fairtrade, Bird-Friendly, Organic, Artisanal Coffee.
My Obnoxious Hipster props -- A Liberal Arts Degree and Fairtrade Bird-Friendly Organic Artisanal Coffee.
An assortment of chips and dip...
A candy corn-inspired platter of local seasonal fruit that I sliced up, and apple slices served with salted caramel sauce.
Thash a.k.a The Countess from American Horror Story.
A mix-and-match Halloween. I thought it was a good day to start using the owl coasters I was given as a housewarming gift by my friends Lynette and Alicia!
The Countess claims her first victim.
Ikea's vegan meatballs are so crazy good! I cooked up a whole platter of eyeballs.

Robbie Fowler (retired and overweight, obviously) and an obnoxious googly-eyed hipster.
And Greg (Hell Rider) and Mohala (Morticia Addams) managed to make it despite the pouring rain.
My housewarming gift from Mo and Greg! Thank you for the lovely metal sign, guys! I love it so much!
The Manshoor Sisters are here in their awesomely creative Google Maps costumes! See, Illani represents their house and Liza represents mine! They found their way to my place! Illani is Destination A, Liza is Destination B, and Aravind is Recalculating.
... Liza and Illani also made these amazing cupcakes.

Party in full swing.
My fellow Crazy Cat Lady and bestie Nic is here, whiskers and ears pointing forward like a good kitty should.

Thash and Joe brought cupcakes and Lin helped to decorate them using my zombie finger puppets and Halloween cupcake picks.
Horror Movie Kim's Game -- Guests paired up and were given one minute to look at the famous scenes from 12 horror movies, after which they not only had to guess the movies but recall all 12.

Guests working in pairs to try to guess the movies and recall the pictures they saw.

... And the winners are Aravind and Lin, with 10 out of 12 correct answers!
Pix instinctively knew that Illani and Liza would love him.
Katniss having a tete-a-tete with her Auntie Nicole.
Pix lapping up all the attention from Joe and Thash.
Pix lapping up all the attention from Mo.
Abby overcame her initial shock and went to Greg for a whole lotta loving.

Group Photo! Thank you all for being such wonderful friends and guests!
Treat bags filled with palm-oil free munchies to take home. Oh, and the Awards! Thash received one of the awards for Most Spooktacular Costume. Liza, Illani and Lin received the other 3 awards for Most Spooktacular Costume. And Liza and Illani received the award for Most Spooktacular Dish!
And Thash displays some of her many talents once again by instinctively drumming out a tune on my cajon.
Delphine does a great photobomb on Thash here! Haha!
Treat bags (Yes, I love chevron, can you tell?!?) with palm oil-free goodies.

Many thanks to all my friends who came for my little Halloween Party despite the pouring rain, and for helping to keep everything green and low-waste!

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