Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Down At The Farm

I accepted an invitation from Prof. Chan of the Turtle Conservation Society of Malaysia to visit Kebun Kaki Bukit, an experimental organic farm managed by her friend David, over a week ago. It was a Sunday morning and I decided to make the trip on my way back to the parental home. I love to learn about permaculture and water-saving technologies, as well as edible gardening, and saw this as a good opportunity to explore the feasibility of organising a visit-and-volunteer session or just a field trip for Green Living.

It was quite a long drive and the farm is actually located in Kuala Selangor, near the firefly-watching site, and not Rawang. Response to Prof. Chan's invitation was fantastic and lots of city slickers turned up to learn more about sustainable and eco-friendly farming.
A selfie while we wait to receive our mugs of herbal tea containing pandanus leaves, borage, and all manner of yummy homegrown things.
A water-saving aquaponics system.
Another water-saving aquaponics system made using discarded ice cream tubs.
A vertical aquaponics planter.
A Herb Spiral.
Prof Chan introducing the farm volunteers, Maya and Katrina.

Yardlong beans!
Birds-Eye Chillies!
Cabbages! (I don't know why, but each time I see cabbages growing I think of John Betjeman. Probably because of a particular line in his poem, "Slough".)
Aquaponics gutters! With spearmint and other herbs growing in them.
Permaculture fish pond. The fish waste will be used as fertiliser.
Physalis plants!
Green rambutans!
Amused by the passionfruit growing out of a mango tree!
My friend Julienne is tickled pink by the invasive passionfruit, too!
David demonstrating hot composting.
Back to the grind, haha!

To arrange for a visit and explore the possibility of volunteering, please visit Kebun Kaki Bukit's Facebook page at: and contact David Mak for further information.

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