Monday, 21 January 2008

SPCA and Saturday Night Party

Saturday, 19th January to Sunday, 20th January 2008: SPCA and Saturday Night Party.

Left for the SPCA on Saturday around 1100 hours after attending to the cats and the housework. It was a good day at the shelter today. Dr. Pushpa had made a huge tub of tickwash solution for bathing the dogs with, and so, assisted by Rose, I got to work shampooing, rinsing and tick-washing all the dogs from the Maternity Kennels and from Kennels G and H. Our driver Rajes came back with 2 tick-infested ‘new arrivals’ in the van, and so it was a good thing I was there to rid the poor doggies of their parasites.

There were 15 adoptions today, which is an unusually high number for a non-Jumble Sale day. Joy! Jubilation!

It started drizzling around 1700 hours and so I put away the tickwash and started cleaning the shelter instead. I scrubbed, soaped, disinfected and flushed the Maternity Kennels, the central area, the puppy areas, the cattery and the administrative areas. I swept and cleaned up the parking bay and areas surrounding the shelter, bagged up the rubbish and hauled the trash out. Cleaned myself up before driving home.

Reached the Officer’s Mess, fed the cats, tidied up, did the laundry, had a thorough shower and then I was off again to Jessica’s Dad’s home for their annual barbecue. It had rained earlier but the weather cleared up long enough for us to keep the grill sizzling. I met Jess’ friends and Dad and initiated conversation with them. However, I could only stay until 2330 hours as I had promised my parents that I would be home the same night. Made like a rally driver and barrelled the Battletank home to Rawang.

Spent Sunday tending to Amber’s needs, cleaning the parental home and spring cleaning their living room cabinets and laundry and storage area. Sorted out a number of things for recycling or to be given away to charity. Did the laundry and ironing, washed Mom’s car, drafted a report and a letter to the editor and called it a day by 0230 hours on Monday morning.

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