Monday, 21 January 2013

Football Victory Commemorative Bento

I made a football-themed bento in honour of Liverpool's 5-0 victory over Norwich City on Saturday.

The top left compartment holds organic carnival salad (purple cabbage, lettuce, red and yellow peppers, and diced carrots).

 The top right compartment holds 5 slices of starfruit, raisins, and 2 sauce bottles for the salad dressing. The bunny bottle holds apple cider vinegar while the lion bottle holds olive oil.

The main compartment holds 3 football onigiris on a field of lettuce. I wanted to put 5 footballs there but they wouldn't fit. Besides, there's no way I could eat all 5 in a day.

Plus, it wouldn't be compatible with the principles of mindful eating as advocated by Dr. Jane Goodall in "Harvest For Hope", one of the books I ordered from Better World Books using a gift voucher I received on my birthday from my good friend Amanda C.

The onigiri isn't filled, I'm having them together with vegan Japanese curry, stored in a separate spill-proof Lock & Lock container.

It's going to be a good week.


Pat said...

Do you eat healthy EVERY day??? My jaw is hanging around my knees!!!

~CovertOperations78~ said...

It's not THAT healthy, Pat! There's curry, see? And curry always means sodium and oil.

Pat said...

We need sodium for our blood - so a little is ok; and we need oil lah. It's not a bad word at all! ;) And the spices in a curry? I've heard that they do wondrous things in our body! Hahahaha!