Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Bentos for all occasions

A selection of vegan/vegetarian bento lunchboxes I have made over the last few months, just for fun or for special occasions and observance days.

12 August 2013:
Happy World Elephant Day! May we strive harder to protect elephants and their habitats.

3 Sept 2013:
A Mondrian-inspired bento.

19 Sept 2013:
Yo-Ho-Ho And A Bottle of Rum!
Happy International Talk Like A Pirate Day!

4 Oct 2013:
Quick and easy World Animal Day themed bento. The lazy version.

9 Oct 2013:
What does one do with a pumpkin croquette left over from last night's dinner? Why, one makes a jack-o-lantern themed bento, of course! Can you tell I love Halloween?

22 Oct 2013:
Black Cats Are Good Luck!
A quick and easy black cat bento for Halloween.

13 Nov 2013:
An apple-themed bento.

19 Nov 2013:
A dolphin-themed bento.

25 Nov 2013:
Finally decided to cook the veggie burger patties from BMS Organics and include them in this week's bento.

10 Dec 2013:
'Tis the season... For gingerbread houses. Even if sans gingerbread.
On the left: Broccoli slaw topped with tomatoes and carrot evergreens.
On the right: PBJ gingerbread house with vegan gummies, Skittles and a KitKat chimney.

18 Dec 2013:
A Christmas wreath for lunch, followed by a tree for dessert.

2 Jan 2014:
My first bento of 2014!
Happy New Year, everyone!

13 Jan 2014:
A simple duckling-themed bento in observance of National Rubber Ducky Day, Jan 13.

21 Jan 2014:

Chinese coins, lucky pineapple and spring blossoms for the Lunar New Year.


Ellen Whyte said...

You're a furry creative person :-)

Ellen Whyte said...

You're a furry creative person :-)

~CovertOperations78~ said...

Thank you, Target and Guido! I've made a black cat bento so maybe one day I will make a ginger cat one.