Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Paddleboarding Weekend

Serina has been one of my best friends for years, and when we met up at one of our favourite stalls for dinner recently, we had discussed how best to celebrate her upcoming 40th birthday. I had a voucher for an experience gift company that I had to use by early Oct, so we decided to celebrate her birthday early by redeeming a package for a Stand-Up Paddleboarding session on Saturday, Oct 4.

Serina had been spending really long hours at work and had developed a cough and sore throat as a result. I wasn't much better with my month-long cough. And so the two of us wheezing, coughing asthmatics decided to throw caution to the wind and go paddleboarding anyway, to hell with the consequences.

The guys in our lives were happy to accompany us although they have absolutely zero interest in paddleboarding. Aravind breaks out in hives when exposed to a combination of sunlight and lake water, while Shalan doesn't have an affinity for water activities that do not involve the sea. Still, we were glad they were willing to come and take photos of us having fun out in the lake.

We carpooled to the location without missing any turns despite never having been there before. The paddleboarding lesson took place at Kundang Lake, not far from my childhood home. When I was growing up, my peers who live in Kuang and Kundang often took up holiday jobs at Kundang Lake, working at the food stalls or helping to man the jet ski and paddle boat booths. Those of us not fortunate enough to live within cycling or walking distance of the lake would take up temporary jobs in town, usually in the local bookstores and shoe shops. Growing up in a small town means that teenagers took a lot of pride in taking on adult responsibilities. Nobody had the opportunity to travel abroad for vacations, so we usually worked during the school holidays. Some of my peers did it to help their families out. I blew all my wages on comic books, beer and football magazines.

Our instructor Wilson was there early and our first impression of him and the company he represents is a very positive one. He was friendly, welcoming, professional and helpful to all four of us. Serina and I love swimming and kayaking and picked up the technique of stand-up paddleboarding within minutes, thanks to Wilson's clear instructions.

Meeting our instructor, Wilson (in the blue rashguard), and choosing our boards.

Starting off on my knees.

Heading out to the middle of the lake and getting ready to stand up.

This is my "nailed it" face.

Serina nailed it too! This is my favourite photo in the whole album because my Serina is happy.

This is fun, and a whole lot easier than surfing. (I have weak upper body strength, so paddling against the breakers for surfing tires me out within an hour!)

Wilson persuaded us to race against Wong, a veteran and former student of his. We're on! Here I am, catching up with Wong. I screwed up while trying to circle the buoy.

Wilson greeted me with a high-five on my return.

Wilson got Serina and me to race each other around the island twice. Here he is, steadying our boards for the race.

I took the lead... for the time being! Serina has stronger and longer arms and better upper body strength than I do, so she overtook me halfway around the island.

Serina won the race! I love to see Serina looking so happy!

We're both winners! We're sisters and friends forever!

We love stand-up paddleboarding!

With our instructor Wilson and the supportive men in our lives.

I would recommend this company and their services to anyone interested in trying out paddleboarding. Our instructor made safety a priority and inspired confidence. We had great fun and would engage his services again if another occasion arises.

No 5-1, 1st Floor, Jalan PJS 8/17, Sunway Mentari, Bandar Sunway, 46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Hotline : 019 – 663 8336
E-mail :

This Week's Photodump:

Captain, our office cat and filing manager. She is a very good stress reliever for my colleagues and me. Nothing like hugging a good-natured cat to put a smile back on one's face. Plus she is cheap to hire. We pay her in kibbles and cat treats.

My poor wee Battletank in the rain. We've had a week of thunderstorms and flash floods.

This cutesy turtle postcard is not for a fellow Postcrosser, but will be mailed to Encik Mat Hashim and Cik Ida of the Turtle Conservation and Information Centre instead, to thank them for helping me facilitate the Turtle Volunteer Programme last weekend. I kinda like sending Thank You Postcards, can you tell?

Some of the cutest postcards I have ever purchased in Malaysia. Indigenous wildlife dressed in batik. My fellow Postcrossers will love these. The orangutan one is headed to Russia, elephants are off to the Netherlands and the tapirs are going to Belgium.

Postcard BY-1387911 of storks from Minsk, Belarus.

Postcard DE-3505357 of seals and marine mammals near the coast of the North Sea from Silvia in Germany.

Postcard RU-3003284 of a Great Grey Owl from Anastasia, who lives in St. Petersburg, Russia.

This is the view from my wee bookstall at the Free Tree Society nursery. They had their World Habitat Day tree giveaway on Monday, Oct 6, as it was a public holiday. I set up a little stall to display MNS Green Living educational materials and sell pre-loved books.

With my friend Bernard Eng, another eco-warrior who organises monthly tree-planting campaigns, during the World Habitat Day free plant giveaway at the Free Tree Society nursery in Bangsar.

I received my World Animal Day 'Pet Hero' certificate from the SPCA on Monday. Our senior office dog and greeter, Sherry, gave her woof of approval.

A block of good weather on Monday afternoon after a week of thunderstorms meant I had the opportunity to bathe and tickwash all the SPCA dogs.


Bookface said...

Your paddleboard adventure looks like such a hoot! No wonder you and Serena look so happy. It's great to see. :-)

~CovertOperations78~ said...

Thanks, Amanda! Would you like to go paddleboarding with me the next time you come back Malaysia? It can be easily arranged!