Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Picnic Brunch at the Park

One of my best friends, Serina, will be starting a new job abroad soon, so the whole gang got together for a picnic brunch at the Lake Gardens last Saturday. This isn't goodbye. There are no goodbyes between friends, because no distance can keep our hearts apart.

Great food, great company and great conversation.
Everyone turned up to spend time with Serina before her departure.

Leena​ made this yummers pear compote.

And Mohala baked this lovely moist brownie sheet cake.

I made my usual fiesta taco salad.

What a glorious morning! We really should do this more often.

Baby in arms = Happy Ee Lynn.

Azham and I keeping Baby Lulu entertained.

So many old friends from our conservation and volunteering circles.

How many PhDs can you fit on a picnic mat?

The boys play frisbee after the big meal.

I took my godson Aadhavan to the playground so that his parents could eat in peace. I don't know who had more fun -- him or me.

What a lovely gathering. We really shouldn't wait until one of us is leaving before we organise more get-togethers.

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