Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Vesākha Procession 2015

Brickfields was transformed into an illuminated faerieland on Vesākha Sunday. Not even the sudden thunderstorm could dampen our spirits as we walked and thought about the teachings of our wise and kind Teacher.

Sabbe Satta Sukhi Hontu: May All Beings Be Well And Happy, on Vesākha and always.

The Vihara, all lit up for Vesākha.

Devotees lining the streets in preparation for walking alongside the floats in the procession.

My flowers for Buddha. They survived the storm although the pot was waterlogged. We still managed to make it back to the Main Prayer Hall in one piece.

The leading float. With a papier-mache elephant.

The Nepali Buddhist organisations' float.

Pickup truck with Lord Buddha riding on top. I always knew Lord Buddha was adventurous.

The Very Bright Float. 
I call this the Tron Float. You're allowed to be irreverent, you know. Humour is good for the soul.

The Myanmar community's fantastic float.

I call this the Pink Float. There are lots of flowers and pink doughnuts on the Pink Float. Yes I know I'm irreverent but Lord Buddha won't mind.

A Lumbini garden themed float.

The Ti-Ratana float, with illuminated panels showing pictures of Reverend and the children. I have to say this is my favourite float.

I call this the hippie float. Cos of the midcentury colours of the halos, or pabhamandala.

So many Buddhist dogs going walkie-walk with the procession.

We took shelter under a bridge during the sudden downpour. I hope none of the floats suffered electrical damage.

High-spirited devotees kicking ass under a huge tarp. Singing and cheering as though they were at a football match. They rock!

Clapping and cheering each time a float made it through the underpass with its lights still on.

Cheerful devotees with their umbrellas despite getting soaked to the skin.

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