Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Halloween 2016

I hosted another Halloween party at the Wee Green Flat this year, only it was on the Saturday after Halloween because I was volunteering for Roots and Shoots Malaysia during Dr. Jane Goodall's 2nd visit to Malaysia on the weekend of Halloween proper. It's always great to have friends over, and I do so love Halloween because I see it as a celebration of creativity. And so I had a low-key, low-waste yet fun Halloween with 14 of my best friends.

The Illuminati is here!
Kylo Rudh!
Guests mingling.
Some of the guests in our costumes and masks.

My taco salad game is still strong.
Vegan spring rolls with tortilla bats.
Vegan 'siew pao' from my favourite vegetarian dim sum place. Guarded by black cats made of tortilla.
 Eyeballs for the drinks. 
 Mohala's famous brownies. 
Pumpkins made of mini oranges and celery. 


 Horror charades - a vampire bat.
Horror charades -- a haunted house.
Horror charades -- a mummy

Horror charades -- 'Psycho', the movie. 
Goodie bags of pretzels and nuts.

Games were played, ghost stories were exchanged, food was consumed and put in doggie boxes to bring home. Prizes were given out for the best DIY costumes as usual and gift bags were handed out at the door. I hope all my guests had a spooktacular time.

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