Tuesday, 11 July 2017

The Last Hurrah on the FRIM Canopy Walkway

When I learned that the FRIM treetop canopy walkway would be closing for good on 30th June 2017, I made a booking for a private party and invited my friends to join me on a Farewell Treetop Walk. The arborists have determined that the health of the supporting trees has been affected and it was best to dismantle the walkway and reforest the area. This is good news for the trees, although not so good for tourism. 16 of my friends joined me on this guided walk and we had a splendid time. I thanked each tree for the oxygen, support and joy they provided and we did our part in picking up litter from the forest trail and picnic areas on the way down.
Malaysian stingless bees (Kelulut) in their hive at the base of a ficus tree.
Massive ficus (strangler fig) tree that has killed its host.
The flower of the Barringtonia asiatica (also known as the Fish Poison Tree, or Tuba Ikan in Bahasa).
Listening to a briefing by our guide, Johnson.
Tacca chantrieri, also known as Bat Lily, Bat Flower and Devil Flower.
Trees exhibiting the Crown Shyness phenomenon. See, even trees know how to observe personal boundaries and personal space.
I love Elephant Ear Plants (Colocasia).
We finally arrive at the ranger's hut at the start of the canopy walkway. Our group is listening intently to the safety briefing from the forest ranger in this photo...
... Which was delivered by one of the rangers up in this watchtower hut! What a fun place to work. It's like having your office up in a treehouse or something.
Rangers hard at work in the canopy walkway watchtower office.
Finally it's our turn to go on the canopy walkway! Andrey goes ahead of me. I am still the sweeper, of course.
All smiles to be so close to the forest and trees that I love so much. Hello, trees! You're looking exceptionally stunning today! Hello, forest! My, look at you, you charmer!
And this how the suspended walkway is connected to the trees. I can imagine why the arborists claim that the health of the supporting trees is affected. Poor trees. Thank you, trees, for your wonderful service. We will free you of your shackles soon.
Can you spot the city in the distance? It's okay if you are unable to. Not really worth looking at when you have a fantastic secondary forest beneath your feet.
Doing the treetop dab. Photo credits: Marcus.
Approaching the next watchtower.
Adorable tiny fuzzy caterpillar. I shall name it the Teddy Bear Caterpillar.
Rudhra, Baby Ava, Angela and me enjoying our hike down. Photo credits: Hari.
A little waterfall and stream sighted on our hike down.
Our group crossing a little stream. Photo credits: Hari.
Spotted a knot on a vine that resembled a skull.
A yet-to-be-identified leaf of ethereal beauty.
My trademark big grin, next to a very tired, thirsty and grumpy Justin. I was trying to encourage him to keep going. Photo credits: Shamila.
Goodbye and thank you for the memories, FRIM Canopy Walkway!

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