Thursday, 19 November 2009

Rhythm of the falling rain

So Malaysia has plunged from 47th to 56th place on the Corruption Perception Index this year. Should I even expend any energy to express surprise? The preposterous transgressions of the rule of law, democracy, the doctrine of separation of powers and justice in the last 16 months alone are enough to make misanthropes of the most optimistic of people. What can I say that hasn't already been said, except that I will do all that is within my power to do, as an individual and a mindful citizen, to uphold the principles of integrity and fairplay?

I have been on hotline duty all week, and am loving it. I can't disclose very much about my job except that I enjoy it and find it meaningful. I witness every day how we help improve the lives of some of the world's most vulnerable people. And my job has made me more grateful for the good things that we do have in this country, such as freedom of expression (to a commendable extent, actually), freedom of association, freedom of religion and all the opportunities we have to earn a livelihood and lead a comfortable life by legitimate means.

I've been busy blogging for FT the past week as well. Any votes for my blogposts would be highly appreciated!

Rimba Ilmu Botanical Gardens

SPCA-DBKL Low-Cost Spay and Neuter Clinic

Saturday, 14th November - Sunday, 15th November 2009: Blustery Weekend

It has been a rainy week, the kind that leaves your shoes sodden and your laundry smelling musty. I will have to wait for the monsoon period to abate before I can go surfing again.

My canine and feline babies have been lethargic due to the chilly weather.

Amber the weather-predicting dog gets up on the garden bench to keep her dainty feet dry.

Daisy has fun with the empty boxes set aside for our Shoebox Project for refugee children and other needy youngsters.

Halle has a second supper to help her develop a layer of blubber to insulate her against the cold weather.

Mini-Me just wants to curl up with a good book.

I took Covert Mum, Covert Dad, Covert Twin and Covert Twin's girlfriend out to dinner on Saturday night on the occasion of my parents' 38th wedding anniversary. It had been another productive day for me back at the parental home. I washed Amber and Chocky, cleaned the parental home and polished the furniture. I would have enjoyed the dinner even more if Covert Dad weren't suffering from sciatic nerve pain. I told him that I would trade places with him in a heartbeat if I could, so he wouldn't have to bear the pain anymore. Covert Dad said that it was an insensible thing to ask for, as it is an "old man's ailment" and that I would not be able to wash dogs at the SPCA, go tramping with the MNS or drive all over the country distributing food aid to indigenous village folk and needy families if I had nerve problems. I just wish I could find a permanent cure for his condition. It hurts me to see him in pain and discomfort.

Went to the SPCA as usual on Sunday. I was fortunate enough to arrive before it started raining. Diego and another young volunteer were there sitting on the steps outside the Surgery when I arrived, and they promptly got up to help me get the shampoo, leashes and Tactik EC tickcide solution ready so we could wash the dogs.

We washed all the dogs in the B-Extension Kennels within an hour, before it got cloudy and drizzly again, as it is wont to do in the afternoons. Diego and the girl washed the dogs while I administered tickwash. I put away the dog-washing kit and soaped and disinfected the kennels when we were done.

After the youngsters left, I started cleaning the shelter. Reve let the dogs out to play in the compound after they have had their supper. I soaped, scrubbed and disinfected the Cattery, cages, litter trays, Maternity Kennels, Front Office/Admin Area and Central Area. Reve attended to the Puppy Area and other kennels.

We were done by 1930h, by which time the rain had pretty much let up. There was an albino guinea pig put up for adoption in the Cattery, and I would have adopted her if I didn't have so many cats and dogs already. I hope someone (without cats, dogs or other carnivorous animal companions) will give her a good home. She is absolutely adorable. I posted her pictures on Facebook in the hopes of finding her a good home.

"Please adopt me! I cost next to nothing to maintain! I squeak, whistle and chatter when excited! I let myself be gently handled and petted!

Please let me live in a home again! Come get me at the SPCA Animal Shelter in Jalan Kerja Air Lama, Ampang Jaya!"

If you or someone you know are able to give the sweet guinea pig a good home (they eat oat bran, rabbit food, grass and vegetables), please come and get her at the SPCA animal shelter in Ampang Jaya!


Cat-from-Sydney said...

CO78, guinea pig meat as good as rabbit's? teeheehee...hey! am a cat with a good appetite, OK?
Anyway, sad to hear about your Dad's nerve pain. We hope he'll get well soon.
Oh, my Mama complains that you haven't emailed us stuffs about the FNBKL. purrr...meow!

~CovertOperations78~ said...

Hello again, Kitties! If you're going to eat the poor guinea piggie, then I'm not going to let you know where she lives!

Thanks for your kind wishes for my Dad.

I have sent your Mama the details via Angelina's blog. Thanks!

Pat said...

Hello dear,

Despite the rhythm of the falling rain, you seem happy enough. And your furry friends look right as rain! Hahahah!

I'm sorry about your dad's sciatica. Yes, that's one of the joys of growing old. I have a nerve ache down one leg, too, but it's not sciatica, my doc tells me. That's good, I think :( But pain sucks, and yes, it would be great if someone could wish it away!

That guinea pig is sooooo adorable!

~CovertOperations78~ said...

Thanks, Pat. I'm taking my Dad to see a Chinese sinseh, who is reported to be good at treating nerve-related problems, I do have some reservations, though. Just praying that everything goes well and Dad won't come home with extra aches and pains.

Guinea Pigs are adorable!

Unknown said...

With the extra rain, who wouldn't want a shoebox to snuggle in? Sun, please shine more:))
Hope your dad's sciatica improves. Aches and pains are all part of growing old. Guess we have to cope as best as we can. get my tongkat ready?? ha! ha!

~CovertOperations78~ said...

Dear Keats,
Thank you for your good wishes for my Dad. He has improved significantly after qigong. The rain isn't doing my garden much good, my friend. My little yard is a marshland and my compost heap has turned into a snail farm. :o( I don't have the energy to do anything until the sun shines again.

Ellen Whyte said...

Daisy has the cutest little splodgy face. So unusual and so sweet.

Au would love a Guinea Pig but I have forbidden it. used to have a GP called Davy. Lovely little thing and very affectionate.

Ee Lynn your Covert link doesn't lead to your blog. Check it out? See you soon!

louis said...

Hello CO78,

This comment refers to your post of November 19.

Your concern about your country's position on the Perception of Corruption Index is understandable.

However whenever that Index is reported, usually to castigate some developing or under-developed country, rarely a developed country, the news media never mentions that the definition of "corruption" it uses is one that is determined by just a few of the developed countries. In such countries practices that they condemn as "corruption" tend to be labeled with various euphemisms, and so, are overlooked in computing their position on the index.

~CovertOperations78~ said...

Dear Ellen, thanks for your visit! I've checked the Savoir Vivre link from 2 different computers and they seem to work just fine. The voting buttons too. Ah well. I might as well create a link on the Menu list. Thanks for the warning.

Davy is a good name for a guinea pig! A young boy came by the SPCA yesterday and adopted the guinea pig and 2 rabbits. He loves animals, has the space, will get them all neutered and used his own pocketmoney to adopt them. He read up all the pet care stuff before coming back a second time to confirm that he wants them. Brilliant kid. We need more youngsters like him.

~CovertOperations78~ said...

Thank you for your visit, Louis. Many thanks for the pointer on political intrigue and doublespeak. I beg to differ on some points. Firstly, developing nations are EXCELLENT at euphemisms. Money politics, money laundering, under the table dealings etc. We're not exactly novices when it comes to anything underhanded and sneaky. Also, most developed nations do have safeguards in place to ensure transparency, and we can observe these to be functioning safeguards. It would cost developing nations next to nothing to institute the same actions but they just won't do anything that will jeopardise the vested interests of those in power. Thanks for starting the discussion, Louis, I really appreciate it.