Friday, 6 November 2009

S-s-s-ssssuch Excitement!

It's hard to believe that a mere snake could bring so much joy and excitement to the office.

I came in late to work today to find a fire truck and Fire and Rescue Brigade officers all over our parking lot, which is just an open grassy yard with ground that looks as rutted as a motorcross track.

Apparently, some of our staff spotted a snake hanging off one of the windows, and called the Fire and Rescue Brigade. I ran into my cubicle, grabbed my camera and waited out by the fire truck in the hopes of a good photo opportunity.

Some of the interns have never experienced anything so exciting as the intrusion of a snake into their office before, so they trooped out behind me, jabbering like mynahs after the rain.

We waited for the snake to emerge. The fire brigade guys waited. The Human Resource officers waited. The cleaning staff waited. The interpreters waited. We all waited. And the snake didn't oblige us.

Our human resource assistant returned from the cafeteria with cans of carbonated drinks for the fire brigade guys.

"What's the soda for?" one of the interns from Germany wanted to know.

"Oh, it's to entice the snake out with," I replied airily. "Snakes love the sugar rush".

And would you believe it, the poor kid believed me! I laughed so hard, I would have scared away an entire nest of cobras.

The snake wasn't a cooperative one, so the fire brigade guys had to leave empty-handed. The interns and I were all rather disappointed that we didn't get to see it.

"Think of all the cool photos we'd post on Facebook if the snake did turn up", one of them lamented wistfully.

I may not have had the good fortune of seeing the snake, but my colleagues made up for it. The snake got bigger, longer, meaner and deadlier with each retelling of the story, especially by those who didn't see the snake.

Ah well. If any of you herpetofauna types out there can identify a huge black snake with long fangs and glowing red eyes for me, I'd be most grateful.


Cat-from-Sydney said...

Sounds like a character from Twilight! heheheh.... We're totally indoors so not much chance of bumping into a snake. Maybe when we go to the zoo...hmmm meow!

~CovertOperations78~ said...

Dear Kitties In Sydney, don't worry, I'll protect you from mean ol' snakes!

MiM said...

hahaha! i ssssssssssssso love your sssssssssssense of humour;_)

Pat said...

Ooooh, snakes love the sugar rush in soda, eh? Hmmmmm!

Wicked lah you!

hobbit1964 said...

"Tisn't the sugar rush soda me friend.

The snake comes for tea.

We had a juvenile cobra, who had grown in the comfort of our ample pandan bush, slither in on us when the family was visiting for tea in married quarters, Kinrara. But he was a shy fellow who hid behind the bookcase and could not be coaxed into orange tea cake.

Or perhaps I finally understand the bulk of adolsescents' anti-social leanings after this encounter.

We were sad to see him noosed, but I fear we would never be able to explain to him the observance of boundaries.

Now maybe you see the teenage conection.

Unknown said...

Thanks sssssso much for the would be encounter. Not the day to eet sssso many fans!!

~CovertOperations78~ said...

Hee hee hee at everyone's comments! Thanks for dropping by!

Jeff, the snake did learn to observe boundaries. He didn't come back. I hope he is okay and not harmed in any way.