Saturday, 13 February 2010

Love, Immemorial

(For S, on Feb 14 2010)

I have known you under a different sky,
On a different soil, through different eyes
I have loved you in lives gone by
My love survived; it did not die.

By happenstance or divine decree
Our paths meet and intervolve anew
You, animal-healer, whose name means Truth
You, that Providence led me to

And in the sun-scorched island of lions
Of beehive homes, of grim-faced pylons
We loved as though we've never been hurt before
My tenderhearted Tagore
My honey-hued yogi
My surrender to you has set me free.

The gilded afternoon drew to a close.
Torn apart afresh, I smile through my grief.
The evening was despondent, the night morose.
Thoughts of you brought but ephemeral relief.

When we are free of the commitments of flesh,
When we are free to love in another lifetime,
When we embrace again in another set of chances,
Then, Dearest One, you will henceforth be mine.


Anonymous said...

wow! this is beautiful and so moving...

i had to get out of hiding and comment.

what a tribute to love...

best wishes to you and Mr. S

~CovertOperations78~ said...

Thank you, Mum-In-Malaysia! It feels good to know I have the support of friends.