Monday, 21 April 2008

Mom’s birthday and SPCA news.

Saturday, 19th April 2008 - Sunday, 20th April 2008: Mom’s birthday and SPCA news.

Went back to the parental home on Friday night to spend some quality time with the folks on the occasion of Mom's birthday. Took the parents out to a buffet lunch at Nikko Hotel on Saturday afternoon. The variety wasn't as large as I had hoped it would be, but the quality of the food was high, and there was hardly anything we didn't like. I was more than satisfied with their chocolate fountain (really, I should get one installed in my bedroom) and dessert bar, and the parents and I left our plates clean as a whistle because of my vehement objections to food wastage.

Seeing as that I have given Mom almost everything she has ever hankered for, I gave her cash instead so she could buy herself a nice present. Spent the rest of Saturday cleaning the parental home, polishing the furniture, bathing Amber, washing the cars and tidying the garden.

Sunday was my SPCA day. I brought Felicity with me for her vaccination, as she has since been dewormed and declared free of infection. Felicity was vaccinated against feline panleukopenia and I left her to rest in the carrier while Rose, Reve and I took dogs out for walks and gave them baths. As usual, I doused the dogs with anti-tick solution and treated them for ear mites and any injuries.

Chelvy’s recovery from dengue had been quite remarkable considering the danger she was in of losing her life. She has since returned to active duty at the shelter, and no one was gladder to have her back than I was.

In the evening, after the staff and vets had gone home, Reve, Linda and I let the dogs out to play in the compound and cleaned the animals’ living quarters. We soaped and scrubbed all the enclosures, litter trays, bowls and baskets. Then I swabbed and cleaned the shelter floor, fed the semi-feral cats outside the shelter, unclogged the drains and removed all the leaves and twigs blocking the passages and disposed of the rubbish. Reve helped me rinse the shelter floor while I had a quick shower. Went home, reinstated Felicity in her cage, fed and cleaned up after all the kitties, fixed myself a pasta dinner, tidied the house and spent the rest of the night reading the latest issue of the Malaysian Naturalist.

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