Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Rescue Ops: Keisha

Was having breakfast at the Shah Alam court cafeteria when I noticed a heavily pregnant calico cat outside the cafeteria. I asked the cafeteria operators about her and was informed that she has been there for a few weeks. Occasionally the cat gets fed, but often she is robbed of her food scraps by the bigger, stronger tomcats in the area. Once they found her trying to get across the car park but she was almost hit by a car because she couldn’t move fast enough.

That’s all I needed to know. I scooped the cat up in my arms and deposited her in the pet carrier I always keep in the Battletank for emergencies like this. I brought her home, put up a cage for her, made her comfortable and gave her food and water and left for the office.

I have named my new calico cat Keisha. Like other beneficiaries under Project Second Chance, Keisha and her soon-to-be-born kitten will live with me until they are strong and healthy enough to be vaccinated, neutered and rehomed. Keisha probably wouldn’t have much of a chance of making it as a stray and I will make sure that she will never have to be a stray again. She is a lovely, affectionate cat and I will go to the ends of the Earth to find her a good home.

Project Second Chance would like to thank all its donors, sponsors and volunteers for their contributions, assistance and kind support:
1. Bernadette Chin
2. Lillian Danielle Khoo
3. Serina Rahman
4. Zawalan Razak
5. Jacobus Raj
6. Jessica Ng

Thank you – your generosity and compassion have permanently changed animal lives for the better!

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