Thursday, 27 April 2017

(2006 - 27 April 2017)
My quiet and sensitive little Daisy left us last night. Her health had never been stellar and we didn't think she would survive kittenhood.
I gave her the best care and food I could afford and loved her every second of every day. She was a special, empathetic and sensitive little old soul. Food allergies and mouth ulcers meant she was continuously on a special diet and medications for the final three years of her life. I'd like to believe the medications kept her reasonably comfortable and pain-free, because she really enjoyed eating and playing.
I know I am not supposed to play favourites but she always got twice the amount of treats as everyone else and always got to open the Christmas and birthday presents first, maybe because I knew her time with us would be short. She led the way in my Easter Egg hunts and got the best boxes that I brought home from the office. She and Mini-Me were the only cats who knew how to massage (i.e. knead) my back on request. She was so smart that she learned how to switch off the alarm clock so I would lie in bed with her a little longer (and she made me late for work). She would read books with me every night and make suitably intelligent "hmmm...hmmm" sounds.
Her decline was rapid and sudden even if not unexpected. One day she was climbing on furniture and playing with a rediscovered toy and the next day she was listless and had no appetite.
I would like to think she had not suffered very much or very long. I would like to think she enjoyed being my daughter as much as I enjoyed being her mama. Goodbye Daisy-Meow, I love you more than words could express. If reincarnation or Heaven were real, I would like to be reunited with you someday.