Friday, 2 October 2009

My Week, In Pictures

Saturday, 26th September 2009: Visit to the One Utama Rooftop ‘Secret Garden’

My interest was piqued the day my blog buddy Keats did a write up on the One Utama Secret Garden , and I tried to persuade my parents to overcome their fear of contracting Influenza A to come and visit the Garden with me. The perfect opportunity came along when our Malaysian Nature Society Flora Group organised a visit to the Secret Garden. The parents did not need further persuasion. We had a lovely day learning about rooftop gardening, indigenous tropical plants, gardening techniques and natural history.

Rangoon Creeper: It might sound like a serial violent crime perpetrator, but it’s really a very attractive plant!

’Cos we all need, somebody, to lean on!

Passionfruit flower: Its fragrance is intoxicating!

Flowerbeds on horticultural carbon. Carbon is lighter, and therefore suitable for rooftop gardens. In addition, it provides aeration for root systems. However, it does not retain much moisture due to its porous nature.

Covert Mum and I admiring the flowers during the guided walk.

Covert Mum and Covert Dad taking a break.

Saturday, 26th September 2009: Mid Autumn Festival at One Utama

An ersatz Chinatown in the concourse area of the One Utama Shopping Centre. How quaint!

Mid-Autumn Festival is only a week away!

Gorgeous lanterns to brighten up one’s night with.

Saturday, 26th September 2009: Early Mid Autumn Festival celebrations at the parental home

Almost all the lanterns are up, oo-rah!

Lanterns hanging from our garden hedge.

A recent acquisition: Covert Twin and his girl bought me this fish lantern.

I have had my panda lantern since 1989 – 1990.
The cellophane is now brittle and the lantern has been repaired and taped over a few times. I hope my panda lasts me another 20 years. Covert Dad was amazed that I am still keeping this, and was touched when I reminded him of the circumstances that led to him buying me this lantern. We had gone out to town and he had let Covert Twin and me choose a lantern each. Ever the thrifty one, I wanted the smallest lantern, because it was the cheapest. Covert Dad asked me not to merely choose the cheapest, but the one I liked best, because I had done well in my exams. I wanted the panda lantern most badly of all. And 19 years on, the panda lantern is still cherished, illuminated and displayed during Mid-Autumn each year.

Sunday, 27th September 2009: Beautiful Battletank

This is the most beautiful car in the world, and she’s mine.

Sunday, 27th September 2009: Cultural Performance at University Malaya

Alicia couldn’t make it to the Cultural Performance due to a pressing matter that she had to attend to, and so I brought my housemate Jess along with me. There was an excruciatingly long wait followed by an excruciatingly slow performance. The props and costumes were bright and cheery, but the performance was sophomoric (but in an endearing way, like watching a school play).

Lion dance: The only element of my Chinese heritage that I have embraced with passion.

University students of Kadazandusun ethnicity performing a traditional dance.

A painfully slow lion dance drama with an obscure message. For a moment, I thought I was in a Kabuki theatre!

Thursday, 1st October 2009: Otis the Adorable Adoptable

Isn’t he lovely?

See how well his eye has healed!

It is now 0330h where I am. I will be at the SPCA on Friday (a day off for me) to help out, and to put my darling Otis up for adoption. I have no doubts whatsoever that he would find a good home quickly. I am glad I have had the opportunity to love him and care for him, and I want him to grow up strong, healthy and safe. I wish you all the best, with all my love, Otis!


Ellen Whyte said...

A very cultural week for you this time round. Otis is a sweetie! Hope he finds a home soon.

mamasita said...

Otis is so cute, your panda lantern is so adorable, your car is so practical and powerful-looking and your parents??
They are an adorable and beautiful couple!!

Memanglah that passionfruit flower is so dizzyingly scented!

Pat said...

Thank you for the name 'Rangoon creeper'! We have the plant, but didn't know the name. Did you know the blooms have the most heavenly scent that comes on in the early evening and lasts into the night and early morning? The whole place smells like a perfumery!

And Otis is soooooooooo angelic!

Btw, E, how many hours are there in your day, ah?!

Cat-from-Sydney said...

Otis does look so adorable. Wish I could adopt him too...ouch! (that's Brad whacking my head) No. no more males in the house.
Anyway, the Secret Garden looks good. Is the carbon cat friendly? I mean, will I turn black if I roll on it? Our balcony garden has been named "Garden in the Sky" by Mama. And I love it.

Unknown said...

Glad everyone enjoyed Secret Garden.
Hey! I need someone to lean on too. Me aint heavy, lah! The Rangoon Creeper and the Passiflora are among the 2 fragrances I enjoy in my garden:)
Not real but the Panda grabs me with its eyes tho. Looks like the fish will take the place of the panda sometime. Enjoy the Mooncake festival.

~CovertOperations78~ said...

Thanks Ellen! Cultural week for a phillistine, ha ha. Otis gets so much attention wherever he goes. He shouldn't have a problem finding a home.

Dear Datin Mamasita, thank you for your kind words about my parents! Yes, they're lovely, aren't they?

~CovertOperations78~ said...

Dear Pat, how come I didn't see your Rangoon Creeper the last time I came over? Is it because I was too preoccupied with your doggies and Chuan's fish?

~CovertOperations78~ said...

Dear Angelina, Tom and Brad, Otis is such a honey, isn't he? I should think that horticultural carbon would stain, but not permanently. It's basically wood charcoal (like what we use in BBQ pits) chopped up into small pieces.

Dear Keats, okay, you can lean on me anytime, my friend! Your passionfruit flower had me mystified when I was washing my hands in your yard -- what a delicious scent! I hope my Panda never has to be discarded. The fish will complement, not replace, my panda.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn,

lovely plants...must get that serial killer of a plant if its as wnagi as Pat passionfruit...izzit the same or is the flower variety different? looking for the pulp to make cupcakes..hehe

Oitis is sooo temptedto adopt...but takut like last time my cats and kittens had cirit birit...horror for me and them...

datang la rumah raya


~CovertOperations78~ said...

Dear Everyone,
Otis was adopted yesterday, in less than 24 hours after arriving at the SPCA! I trust he will be well loved and will have a good family life!

Dear Saya,
Passionfruit flowers and fruit come from the same plant, so the flowers are not merely ornamental. The fruit is good for desserts and salads, no?

Angie said...

Otis is adorable! I am so glad that he got adopted almost immediately.

Love the story behind your Panda lantern. It is a Panda kept with lots of love!

~CovertOperations78~ said...

Thanks, Angie! Otis is a sweetheart and you are right, the Panda is very well cared-for. I've been practicing the 3Rs since childhood, hardly anything has been replaced, hee hee! Congrats on your wedding!

Ellen Whyte said...

Your poor cats being beaten up by the neighbour roughs! We have a few problems with Yow yow but luckily it's most screaming...

~CovertOperations78~ said...

Ellen, the experience scars them permanently. Kitty now won't let anyone touch her rump even though the incident was a year ago, and Pearl won't let anyone touch her hind foot. I feel so sad that bullying causes such psychological trauma in our kitties. Naughty neighbourhood bully-cats!