Monday, 1 August 2016

A Roar of Support for Tigers

This is my vegan Tiger Bento in honour of International Tiger Day.
(Top left: Celery and carrots.
Top right: Apples, starfruit, orange slice and mango pugmark.
Main compartment: Curry-flavoured wraps filled with Ikea veggieballs scrambled with vegan sambal belacan. Nori stripes affixed to wraps using dabs of palm oil-free organic peanut butter.)
Here are a few things we can do to protect tigers and stop wildlife crimes:
1. Do not consume or purchase wildlife or wildlife products.
Deer and wild boars are the favoured prey of tigers. Consuming these species means less food for wild tigers and increased risk of human-tiger conflict.
2. Stay away from tourist attractions that exploit wildlife.
'Tiger selfies' encourage the speed-breeding and abuse of tigers.
3. Report wildlife crimes (in Malaysia) to the 24-hour Wildlife Crime Hotline at 019 356 4194.
4. Learn more about tiger conservation work in Malaysia and sign the petition at

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